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List Of Best Business Intelligence Software In 2019

List Of Best Business Intelligence Software In 2019

“Work smarter, not harder,” you would have heard this phrase before. Business intelligence software follows this phrase by providing you services that save your time, resources, and workforce. Business intelligence (BI) software constitutes a group of data analysis tools developed to evaluate and manage data as required by your business objectives. Other than intelligence software, businesses in the modern world are also getting benefited from business security software.

BI software benefits by including high visualization capabilities that offer businesses to supervise sales, logistics, and also productivity. It also allows a thorough data analysis using strong envision and spontaneous reports.

Let’s delve into a list of best Business intelligence software in 2019, which can bring the best results to your business.

1. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI helps you to gather business insights from in-office and cloud-stored information in a progressive and brilliant interactive visualization. With powerful insights, it will assist your company in making crucial business decisions for better growth and providing improved services to your customers.

Power BI uses content packs, which has dashboard reports along with the data model. Content packs are commonly used by a large number of applications, including QuickBooks. It also has Natural Language Q&A, which helps users to provide content as your visual need.

2. Jaspersoft BI Tools

Jaspersoft BI Tools

Jaspersoft BI software is one of the extensively used and flexible business intelligence forums in the world. It allows superior decision-making with the assistance of interactive data, information, and analysis. It also helps enormous data, mobile, and cloud dispositions to enable its customers for delivering efficiency for self-service.

Jaspersoft is an advanced BI solution with features of data visualization, analysis, and competence of reporting. It is designed for all forms of business, whether small, medium, or large enterprises. It facilitates application developers for highly correlative reports and analytics into their application.

3. KNIME Business Intelligence Tools

KNIME Business Intelligence Tools

KNIME (Konstanz Information Miner) is an open-source business intelligence software which enables data visualization tools for creating enormous applications. With some configuration, it can develop a compelling dashboard for evaluating direct marketing data. Principally, there are two different programs in this business suit that are KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Cloud Analytics Platform.

KNIME can be used as a primary component of marketing technology to enhance understanding of enormous data involved in operations. The data can be normalized, evaluated, and designed to set up visual representation.



BIRT (business intelligence and reporting tools) is an open-source technology platform that comprises of a runtime component and visual report designer. These tools are used to create reports, charts, and data visualization that can be embedded in web-based applications.

BIRT gathers information can be utilized in making real-time decisions to record and evaluate historical data or current developments. These tools can extract data from various sources, including databases, web services to create a report.

5. IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Watson Analytics is an intelligent, self-service data analytic and visualizing the application for innovative patterns and insights of your data. It allows you the process of innovation and automates the predicted analysis and linked subjective methods ahead.

It has the capability of natural language process, which helps you to interact with the data as if you are having a conversation through it. You can excerpt the data for the structured and unstructured data quite easily. It also lets you track new and extracted trends in your sets of data effortlessly.

6. QlikView


QlikView is one of the most popular business intelligence software. During the process of data discovery (evaluation of organized data), the QlikView software assists you by suggesting the best possible interpretations. It allows easy, natural, endless data search and also offers easy associations and integrations with various data sources.

In QlikView, all the data fields are autonomous from one another and simultaneously time linked in between, if searched for accordance. It also assists in the comparative analysis as the development of the correlated model, to compare various data sets and numerous fields.

7. Pentaho


“Business intelligence software helps in tracking, managing and implementing performance goals”, says Peter Zeihan, Business Development Manager at CrowdWriter.

Pentaho is a complete business intelligence software platform consisting of various analytic solutions. It has an advanced feature to gather data integration with analytical processing. It enormously accelerates the resulting process, helping you to extract data visualization and offering to make intelligent decisions for your business.

Pentaho is remarkable software for those businesses that need to extract more value from their data sets. It assists in various functions, like embedded analytics, data integration, analyzing cloud, and IoT (internet of things). It is created to coordinate with mobile platforms, allowing you to appreciate a quick and easy experience from their smartphones and tablets.

8. Tableau


Tableau is compelling and fast-growing business intelligence software with data visualization tools used in the BI industry. It assists in simplifying raw data into quite easy and understandable information.

With Tableau, data analysis is super quick, and the visualizations created are kept in dashboard and worksheets. The data generated using this software can be understood by professionals of all level in a business. It also assists a non-technical user to develop a customized dashboard.

9. RapidMiner


RapidMiner has numerous features which are ideal for any Business Intelligence software. It is easy to use visual environment for developing analytics processes. It has a graphical design environment, which makes it easy and quick to design improved models. With a visual representation of annotations, it facilitates coordination among all users.

RapidMiner allows transparent integration to automate processes for transformation of data, building modes, and scoring with various applications. It creates a conducive set of data exploration tools with spontaneous visualization.

Author Bio:
Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as an Information Technology Tutor at Academist Help. She holds a Master Degree in Information Technology Management, in addition to Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC). She writes regularly in a renowned tech magazine about the impacts of artificial intelligence across various industries.