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Eltima Serial to Ethernet Connector Discount Coupon
5 Reviews

Coupon Code:SFCNSDSC
Coupon Code: SFCNSDSC
  • Share your serial ports and devices with others over TCP/IP network
  • Supports to share serial port for incoming connections (Server)
  • Supports to connect serial port to remote host (Client)
  • Allows to share serial port using UDP
Mockplus Pro Discount Coupon
1 Reviews

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Code Review Bundle Discount Coupon

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JExplorer Shopping & Review

  • Embed IE into your Java application
  • No requirement of knowledge of COM or Microsoft Internet Explorer API
  • Customizable menus
  • Connect to MSHTML API directly
JxBrowser Shopping & Review

  • Embed browser into your Java application
  • Support Flash and Silverlight
  • Support various proxy settings
  • Customizable context menu
ComfyJ Shopping & Review

  • Embed MS Office, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player etc into your Java application
  • You can manage COM memory
  • Integrate OLE/OCX/ActiveX Components into Swing
  • Support Multiple Threading Models and DCOM
JxCapture Shopping & Review

  • The screen capture API for Win, Mac and Linux
  • You can manage COM memory
  • Support video capturing and sound recording
JExcel Shopping & Review

  • Use Java Excel API to create and edit Excel workbooks
  • Support both *.xls and *.xlsx files
  • Manage both workbooks and worksheets
  • Great tech support
JxMaps Shopping & Review

DirectShow Codec SDK Shopping & Review

  • A software development kit for developing digital video encoding and playback applications
  • Contain codecs, documentation, base classes, and sample applications
Elecard Codec .NET SDK G4 Shopping & Review

  • Enable programmers to use Elecard components for development on Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Contain codecs, documentation and sample applications
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