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Internet Download Manager Shopping & Trial
3.79 (24 votes)

  • Supports ftp and http protocols
  • Supports drag and drop
  • Provides command line console
Download Accelerator Plus Discount Coupon
4.35 (13 Reviews)

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  • Helps you download files in the fastest speed possible
  • Allows to preview videos while downloading
  • Supports to convert your favorite online videos to MP3 audio files
GetRight Discount Coupon
4.73 (8 Reviews)

Coupon Code:HEAD-RDLQ
Coupon Code: HEAD-RDLQ
  • Supports FireFox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers
  • Accelerates downloads by getting files from several servers at once
  • Recovers downloads that are interrupted for any reason
Sothink SWF Catcher Discount Coupon
4.27 (2 Reviews)

Coupon Code:COLO-NCJ2-MANG
Coupon Code: COLO-NCJ2-MANG
  • Detect and download Flash SWF files
  • Save Flash SWF from browser cache
  • Scan Flash SWF from Local Files
  • Smart Flash SWF downloader
GSA Image Spider Discount Coupon
4.43 (7 votes)

Coupon Code:B8049437F2
Coupon Code: B8049437F2
  • An easy-to-use yet amazing image crawler and downloader
  • Enable you to download all the images on a webpage automatically
  • Allow to crawl all images belonging to a keyword on worldwide websites
Airy YouTube downloader Discount Coupon

Coupon Code:SFCNS-SP-DSC
Coupon Code: SFCNS-SP-DSC
  • Powerful YouTube downloader
  • Allow to set the quality of the video to be saved
  • Integrate into Browser, such as Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome
NewsBin Pro Discount Coupon
3.4 (2 Reviews)

Coupon Code:COLO-HJV7-MANG
Coupon Code: COLO-HJV7-MANG
  • Automatically downloads and decodes binaries from Usenet newsgroups
  • Provides automatic processing of RAR/PAR sets
  • Supports 32 and 64 Bit
  • Includes built in file download scheduler
Bigasoft Facebook Downloader Discount Coupon
5 (1 votes)

Coupon Code:COLO-571G-MANG
Coupon Code: COLO-571G-MANG
  • Provides visual downloading progress bar
  • Includes Facebook MP3 converter
  • Supports various downloading sites
  • Supports increasing the volume of video and audio
DownloadStudio Discount Coupon
3.5 (12 votes)

Coupon Code:CPN08389593456
Coupon Code: CPN08389593456
  • Supports streaming audio/video
  • Downloads web site
  • Supports all popular web browsers
Offline Explorer Pro Discount Coupon
5 (5 Reviews)

Coupon Code:COLO-7NXR-MANG
Coupon Code: COLO-7NXR-MANG
  • Offline downloader (Web and FTP) and browser
  • Helps you save time, aggravation and connection charges
  • Supports to save streaming audio & video for viewing offline
  • Also helps you monitor web sites
Download Accelerator Manager Discount Coupon
4.6 (4 Reviews)

Coupon Code:0A864FBEB2
Coupon Code: 0A864FBEB2
  • Provides a useful tool--MediaGrabber
  • Downloads at maximum possible speed using a smart download logic accelerator
  • Recovers downloads due to unexpected events or errors
GetRight Pro Discount Coupon
3.67 (3 votes)

Coupon Code:HEAD-RDLQ
Coupon Code: HEAD-RDLQ
  • Provides "Client/Server" mode
  • Uploads all the changed files for your website
  • Controls GetRight Pro running on your computer from anywhere in the world
Website Ripper Copier Discount Coupon
4.67 (2 Reviews)

Coupon Code:0A864FBEB2
Coupon Code: 0A864FBEB2
  • Can download entire websites or copy websites partially
  • Browses copied web sites offline anywhere
  • Retrieves a large amount of files with resumption support
Offline Explorer Discount Coupon
5 (4 votes)

Coupon Code:COLO-7NXR-MANG
Coupon Code: COLO-7NXR-MANG
  • Off-line downloader (up to 500 Web and FTP sites simultaneously) and browser
  • Allows you to download an unlimited number of your favorite Web, HTTPS and FTP sites
  • Built-in New Help center
  • Provides very fast, easy and reliable file retrieval from the Web
NeoDownloader Discount Coupon
3.8 (3 Reviews)

  • Supports advanced filtering
  • Provides built-in image viewer
  • Downloads multiple galleries
Offline Explorer Enterprise Discount Coupon
4.8 (6 Reviews)

Coupon Code:COLO-7NXR-MANG
Coupon Code: COLO-7NXR-MANG
  • Offline browser can download up to 100 million URLs per Project
  • Allows to download an unlimited number of your favorite Web, FTP, HTTPS, MMS, PNM and RTSP sites
  • Office 2013-like user interface
  • Supports to update Projects with deleted files
Portable Offline Browser Discount Deal
3.83 (1 Reviews)

  • Portable Offline Browser is an offline browser/downloader
  • Supports to download up to 500 files simultaneously
  • Helps you save streaming audio and video for viewing offline
  • Also helps you monitor web sites
Ultimate Maps Downloader Discount Coupon
3 (3 votes)

Coupon Code:LIZA-G36X-CECU
Coupon Code: LIZA-G36X-CECU
  • Intuitive mapping software allowing users to download and compile multiple map images
  • Allows to print, preview and export the current map view to PDF
  • Allows to copy map image, the location and marker (POI) information to clipboard
  • Offers Measuring tool
Local Website Archive Discount Deal
4.14 (7 votes)

  • Download web pages
  • Support IE, Firefox and Opera
  • Support online newsreader, e-mail clients, etc.
  • Provide advanced search tool
Inquiry Discount Coupon
4.2 (5 votes)

Coupon Code:COLO-7NXR-MANG
Coupon Code: COLO-7NXR-MANG
  • Fast and easy way to browse, save and analyze the information on the Internet
  • Allows you add custom comments, keywords and other information to each page
  • Search within saved pages for keywords
  • You can send a page by E-mail or transfer it to MS Word
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