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  • Antamedia HotSpot Software 20% Discount
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  • Antamedia HotSpot Software Screenshot
  • Antamedia HotSpot Software Screenshot
  • Antamedia HotSpot Software Screenshot
  • Antamedia HotSpot Software Screenshot
  • Antamedia HotSpot Software Screenshot
  • Antamedia HotSpot Software 20% Discount

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Key Features

WiFi HotSpot Software
Ads on HotSpot PageAPI AcceptBandwidth ControlBlacklist ConfigurationBlock WebsitesClient Network MonitoringCloud HotspotCredit Cards PaymentCustom DHCP and IP ControlsCustomers Info ManagerShare InternetStatistics & ReportsTickets CreationTraffic ManagementWeb Filter ConfigurationWiFi Bridging ModeWiFi Repeater Mode

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Comments (21)
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  • Antamedia HotSpot, fits almost all my requirements, wifi hotspot creation, time and bandwidth controlling, clients billing support: like paypal. I choose Antamedia HotSpot and not another program is only because I can only find wifi hotspot tool that features meet the requirements is Antamedia HotSpot Software. No other options. Well, I've used it a few months, and I have to say, it's not a excellent tool as I thought before. I ever had a SSL certificated server, that always got problems, and I need reinstall the program to solve it, so I hope Antamedia developer would fix this problem forever in the later version update.


  • I purchased Antamedia HotSpot software just want to set up a hotspot and get wifi billing at first. I've used Antamedia HotSpot for years, I can say the only reasons I purchased this program is for it allows users set limitations of time and bandwidth, auto create accounts and integrated with paypal. But honestly speaking, its tech support is not as good as its product functions, each time I got problems or questions and looking forward to their help, the answers are always not the direct solutions. Its tech support always treat me seems as I'm an tech idiot, or a newbie, but actually, I'm dealing with server, router for several years.


  • Antamedia Hotspot Software is the Best.


  • free wifi software
    Amazing WiFi software available for free. No need to install any other client software. Easy Access and compatible with other softwares and any Windows computer.
    A fine tuned software for hotspot. Intelligent bandwidth management and works with any windows version. No problems with hardware now.
    Easy control over your hotspot, easy for billing and easily can be integrated with any other software.
    After getting this software I am relieved as my work was a bit of hectic due to compatibility issues and software issues. But this software does all for me. Nice and reliable software.
    Mu business is secured with Antamedia hotspot software. Easy billing and management of my customers. All credit goes to Antamedia hotspot software.

    pc to wifi hotspot software
    This software includes billing, statistics and reporting with many other useful features. It is hardware independent and you can use any type of access points, routers, switches and other equipment to control your WiFi, WiMax, LAN, Cable, DSL, Satellite and other type of network connections. Must a go with this software.

    hotel wifi
    In hotels, customers are very cautious about internet. They want their social presence every time. So in order to fulfil their needs the hotel needs to have a hotspot with easy bandwidth management and control. And Antamedia Hotspot software is the best preferred software for every hotels who cares for their customers and their brand.


  • We installed Antamedia Hotspot 3 years ago. Functions like bandwidth works very well but the most attracting feature for me is that it can help to configure remote operators. This software supports many operations to keep my company’s sensitive data private, like locking main Hotspot in hardware room, setting operator interface for employees, etc. While doing that, I still can use the program at home to know my sales status well, remotely manage users and receive reports timely. Antamedia is doing great work! Highly recommended!


  • It has a simple operation interface; you can install it easily and configure a hotspot account even if you know little professional computer knowledge. If you want to know this program well, make sure to read the manual carefully. All main credit card, papal, visa etc. are supported if you sell Internet connection. What’s more, this program can help you control upload and download of particular account.


  • It is an economical program and its performance worth every penny. Customer assistance is highly spoken of. They are also warm-hearted. If you give them some reasonable advice they may put them in next updates. I bought the Premium version, and all functions are available. Sources say they are busy developing the DHCPD now, and HotSpot is hopeful to be added. Another class C for the client is available rather than Windows’s default. Really is a good assistant.


  • HotSpot is a software with all the hotspot functions! Install and navigate without any challenge. It also has NAT and DHCPD. It functions as individual mode, you can configure it easily. Each client has amount of data Xfered.


  • Functions like NAT, bandwidth control, customer data collecting, etc. are of great use. What’s more, I can install and configure it without any difficulty.


  • From other customers’ comments I know this software is very easy to use and its cost performance is very high, that is why we all keep positive attitude to it. Special thanks to satisfactory program and technical assistance.


  • Antamedia has a very friendly interface, so even if you are not good at technical stuffs you can install and use it without difficulties. It also has many other functions.


  • We started to use this program since several years ago. It keeps good work condition, our steady and dependable WISP service satisfies us a lot.


  • Antamedia is definitely user-oriented. It’s designed to be easily understood by common users without any technical knowledge. Everyone can install and use it with ease. Its multiple functions are remarkable.
    I did some researches before getting it, and it seemed to have a pretty good reputation. We didn’t believe those praises until we used it ourselves. It deserves the good comments. We’re pleased with the product and also its support team.


  • Many thanks to the exceptional remote setup service. After more than 3 moths’ use I must say it’s more helpful and successful than I thought. No problems occurred, and it brought efficiency and simplicity to our work. That’s why we are so satisfied with Antamedia. Besides, the customer support is outstanding. They answered our questions in a friendly and professional manner. And their knowledge on their product convinced us they are the best in this filed.


  • We’re a long-term and loyal user of Antamedia HotSpot, for around 3 years. We have to say, it has been working smoothly without any error or malfunction. What impressed and satisfied us most is the stability of the reliable WISP service.


  • Antamedia is disappointing. I bought it 2 weeks ago after used the trial version, which seemed to be great. But it’s misleading. Most options are only available in premium or higher edition, and features like NAT and gateway monitoring are also missing in standard edition. I don’t want to pay more money for a higher edition.


  • Thanks for the coupon, it works. As for the program, I just wanna say EXCELLENT!!! It’s so user friendly that even a tech novice like me can understand and use it. Besides, it’s multifunctional.


  • I really love its remote setup service, quite helpful. Hotspot has worked for more than 3 months, and no trouble is met. I’m so satisfied with the product as well as the customer support, responsive and knowledgeable.


  • I started using it 4 years ago, and have amazing experiences with it all these years. I love its remote setup service, it’s truly helpful. Plus, the support service is superb, providing friendly and professional help.


  • We have been using Hotspot Software for years with no problem or trouble. All work great and stably. Really trustable software.


  • The software saved a large amount of money for our business and does a great job in increasing efficiency and profit rate. Fabulous.


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