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Key Features

Voice Changer
BackgroundsEffect LibraryFile Morpherfor Online Gamesfor VoIP and Instant Messaging toolsfor Multimedia SoftwareNickvoicesPlug-In supportVoice EditorVoice MorpherVoice Recorder

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MorphVOX Pro key Features


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Comments (17)
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  • Done tuning it, it’s so interesting, it’s fun chatting with people I know, and it’s also interesting to chat with strangers


  • I’ve been patiently debugging it, cured my broken throat that I’ve had for years


  • A novel software, fully satisfied my curiosity, I’ve fulfilled my wish of having a beautiful voice!


  • A powerful software, I can now install “Xiao Ge Ge” (lit: small big brother, a character from the game “Ensemble Stars”).


  • The price is much lower with the discount coupon. Nice offer.


  • I’d like to compare MorphVOX Pro with its competitor AV Voice Changer, because I have tried both of them, both new and old versions. To be honest, Morph VOX has made a lot of improvements. In the past, it may crash and the performance is bad. But the latest version is very good, it solved all the problems occurred in the older versions. For the old versions, AV Voice Changer is a little better, but now, I think MorphVOX has surpassed AV Voice changer. Though it is not as functional as AV Voice Changer, MorphVOX provides much faster and smoother work. What’s more, it is easy to set up.


  • MorphVOX Pro is backed by a very good support, the installation is quite easy. It also provides some add-ons for selection, some of them are free. It can be used together with exVox Voice Change Controller. Good job!


  • MorphVOX Pro is quite good. The user interface is very clear, I don’t even need to read the instructions. Then when I want to get into decibels, I found quite a lot of voices. There are many pre-formatted voices. I can change into those voices if I want to. I can save them in different names.

    MorphVOX Pro is quite interesting. Before using it, I have never dreamed of such a great tool to change voices. It brings a lot of help for my arsenal.

    I have some problems with it, but the problem is not because of the software, it is because of the configuration of my computer. Fortunately, I get help from the support team very soon, they helped me solve the problem very quickly.


  • Big discount. Awesome deal.


  • I started using MorphVOX Pro several days ago. I feel a lot of fun using it. Every time I get familiar with a small tool, I’ll soon get used to it. I find out my favorite part of it, study about it, then it can bring me a lot of fun. I like to play games. It helps me change my voice to match the different games I play. During my playing, I feel quite different, especially when I have a voice talking with other players. Take my experience as an example. When I’m playing a game with my own voice for a while, I say to the other players:” Hey, it’s my son’s turn now.” then I change my voice into a child’s voice. Actually, the person playing the game is still me. I just use the program to change my voice. But other players don’t know what happened. It’s really a lot of fun.


  • I have used MorphVOX Pro for about 7 years, it can disguise my voice perfectly. The setting process is a little complicated, but it provides good results. It works well with Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Mumble and even google phone.


  • MorphVOX Pro can change a person’s voice, it is quite versatile. It is suitable for people of different ages and it is very simple. If you want to make a different voice, this program is quite helpful. I’m very pleased to buy it.


  • I have tried many kinds of “voice-changing” apps in the past few years. Some apps are analogic, others are digital. They may have several different individual voices, but every time I choose a voice, I need to spend $30 or more. However, in the end, still sounds digital, not real. Then I used MorphVOX Pro, it is the best program I have ever met. I only spent $30 for it with the great discount. No other program can be compared with it. If you are using Crazy-Talk 7 or Crazy-talk 7 Animator, you can try MorphVOX Pro to solve your voice problems.


  • MorphVOX Pro is a good voice-changing tool. It offers many options to choose, all the sounds are realistic, including human voices, giant, robot, Mister voice, man, woman, etc. The high pitches can be set to various voices. This tool brings me a lot of fun. I want to recommend it to my friends. Good job! Thanks guys for developing such a great program.


  • I’m always doing investigations. It is very important to keep the voice identity of clients protected. MorphVOX Pro helps me a lot. It exceeds my expectations. What’s more, it is very handy.


  • I don’t want to give too many comments about the technology of MorphVOX Pro. I just want to say it is very handy. The installation is also very easy. It brings a lot of fun to my life. It is really worth buying, especially for people working on animation. It can make a special sound for my creative talking with others.


  • MorphVOX Pro is a good tool to change the voice. Like it.


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