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  • I used Printshop Deluxe 15 (2002) previously, now I updated to Printshop Deluxe 3.5. I had thought the new version would be improved a lot and better than the old version, however, it really let me down. Yes, there are some improvements on version 3.5, but I think the interface of the old version is more user friendly. The installation of the old version involves 4 disks. It places all files on hard drive, so that I can easily access them. But the 3.5 version is not so easy as the old one. I will still keep using Printshop Deluxe 15 (2002). I didn’t mean version 3.5 is bad, I just like the old one more.


  • The new version can open files created by the old version directly. But the new one is not very clear to understand. When I work on some projects with it, I have to keep searching for help information on different topics, but the information is far from enough. However, considering the price, it is worth buying.


  • After I upgraded my computer to new windows system, the Print shop 3.0 no longer works. I tried the new 3.5 version. I don’t like the new interface. It is hard to explore the features and not easy to view the project which I am working on. It even doesn’t allow me to use my own image, that’s really annoying, because I don’t like the ugly clip-art graphics in the program. It seems I’m using a very backward software. Disappointed!


  • I used to work well with the previous versions of Print Shop. However, the new Print Shop Deluxe 3.5 is not so easy. It is quite different from the older ones, making me very confused. As PS 23 is not compatible with Windows 8.1, I have to use Print Shop Deluxe 3.5. It works, but there are a few faults. I use it to create cards for my friends. It works okay. I just can’t handle the changes in the new Print Shop Deluxe 3.5.


  • I bought Print Shop Deluxe 3.5 before Christmas. I felt so glad to get it. It was installed quickly and smoothly. I’m an old user of Print Shop, I really enjoyed it during the past few years. I found the family trees in the new version can be used for my research on genealogy. Very good! I believe you will like it too.


  • After I upgraded my OS to Windows 8, my old PS could no longer work. I read the reviews on the new version before buying it. Some users say it is good, some are negative.

    Since I need to make lots of crafts, scrapbooks and other projects in my work, I bought it finally. It is good. But the new version is different from the old one, so I spent a few nights learning new features. I’m a loyal user of Print Shop since its first release. I appreciate this wonderful software a lot. No problem so far.


  • I started using Printshop many years ago, but the old version can’t work on my Windows 8 system, so I had to buy the new version. Fortunately, it worked very well. It’s so easy that even my kids can use it, but it is not childish at all. Everyone can use it to make attractive cards, posters and more.


  • I like Print Shop. It helps me create Christmas cards. I feel very lucky to have it. The delivery is so fast. It is easy to operate. It meets all my demands.


  • I’m a longtime user of the Print Shop. However, the one I was using can’t work on Windows 8, so I need an update. The new one has changed a bit from the old one, but it comes with good results.

    I used this Print Shop to create gift tags on mailing labels for Christmas. With Print Shop, I can create any number of labels I want. I can begin from any place of the page, while other products are not so flexible.

    I like it very much.


  • Before giving a review about its features, I have to test it. I used version 23 before, but after I updated my windows 7, it crashed down. I can’t repair it, and the only way for me is to buy the newer version. I hope the new one I bought can work on windows 7.


  • I have been using PS 12 in the past few years, it always worked very well. But it crashed down last month. As I often need PS to help me make greeting cards and other designs, I had to buy a new one. The new PS 3.5 works well, but I have to spend some time learning about its new features. It is not so handy as the former one. But I think it has made some improvements. It can satisfy my needs. It is just not so easy for me to use it.


  • Print Shop 3.5 is a very good tool. The operation is more complicated than many other print programs. Meanwhile, it could not fully meet all my needs. Anyway, I still like it. If you are using a Windows 8 system, Print Shop Deluxe 3.5 is suitable for you.


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