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110+ Popular Free and Paid Data Backup Apps. Guide to choosing the best one easily

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Select a product based on the backup method
Beside the above common backup software, there is also some software for Server Backup Exclusive for backing up servers. Expensive, comprehensive in technology, the most reliable backup solution.

Invalid Exclusive for backing up all email items, including emails, tasks, RSS feeds, settings, rules, email accounts etc.

In addition, if you are familiar with data backup, you can select a product more accurately based on the backup type
Full Backup Differential Backup Incremental Backup Mirror Backup

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Norton Online Backup 25GB Shopping & Trial
12 Reviews

1 year protection for up to 5 PCs or Macs
SOS Online Backup Shopping & Trial

NovaBACKUP PC Discount Coupon
9 Reviews

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SugarSync Shopping & Trial
15 Reviews

Zoolz Cloud Archive for Business Discount Coupon
18 Reviews

Coupon Code:4A76FACDF0
Coupon Code: 4A76FACDF0
Cold Storage Plans for Professionals and SMBs
Zoolz Cloud Archive for Home Discount Coupon
9 Reviews

Coupon Code:4A76FACDF0
Coupon Code: 4A76FACDF0
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SyncBackSE Shopping & Trial
8 Reviews

Genie Backup Manager Home Discount Coupon
5 Reviews

GoodSync Discount Deal
11 Reviews

Paragon Backup & Recovery Discount Coupon
8 Reviews

Coupon Code:YXC-WFX-PGH
Coupon Code: YXC-WFX-PGH
Acronis Backup for PC Shopping & Trial
3 Reviews

Allway Sync Pro Discount Coupon
8 Reviews

Coupon Code:COLO-9AXW-MANG
Coupon Code: COLO-9AXW-MANG
Genie Backup Manager Pro Discount Coupon
7 Reviews

Coupon Code:4A76FACDF0
Coupon Code: 4A76FACDF0
Image for Windows Discount Coupon
12 Reviews

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