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Applies to the case of data file lost/deleted due to the system crashes, storage media formatting, virus infection, damaged disks or human errors

Data recovery is not limited by the lost file formats, and any data files lost due to the reasons we list above can be recovered
Lower recovery success rate than Specialized File Recovery Software for some specified files like MS Office files and photos, and unable to repair damaged/corrupt files

Generally, you just need to choose software based on the platform or storage media where the lost/deleted files once located, or you can choose according to the lost file format in some cases
This kind of recovery software is designed for the specified file type, and applies to the same cases as General Data Recovery Software, can retrieve lost/deleted data files due to the system crashes, storage media formatting, virus infection, damaged disks or human errors

Higher recovery success rate than General Data Recovery Software for specified file types
Only applies to the single specified file type

Not all the data file recovery requires the professional recovery software. If you do not find a specified file recovery tool in this category, that means General Data Recovery Software is sufficient to recover your data files
Specialized File Recovery Software

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