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Marine Aquarium Deluxe Discount Coupon
4.81 (13 Reviews)

Coupon Code:COLO-SOW0-MANG
Coupon Code: COLO-SOW0-MANG
  • High-definition tank with up to 30 fish at one time
  • Many species of fish with realistic behaviors
  • Supports customizing your aquarium with adjustable lighting, bubbles and sounds
Copernic Desktop Search Discount Coupon
4.07 (2 Reviews)

Coupon Code:CDSAFF30
Coupon Code: CDSAFF30
  • Makes it the fastest of the desktop search tools
  • Searches for the documents, files and emails that matters using one simple keyword
  • Improves indexing speed and capacity
  • Helps you optimizes memory foot print and computer resources usage
Norton Ultimate Help Desk Shopping & Trial

  • Help you upgrade to Win 10 with all of the benefits — and none of the hassles
  • Provide seamless transfer of your security software for uninterrupted data protection
  • Can migrate your top three must-have applications
  • Backup your important files to flash drive, external hard drive, or cloud-based storage
IObit Start Menu Discount Coupon

Coupon Code:M170426
Coupon Code: M170426
A-PDF Text Replace Discount Coupon
5 (1 votes)

  • Batch replace or remove text in PDF files
  • Supports command line
  • Provides a concise and flexible means for matching strings
  • Supports batch processing
KeyFinder Plus Discount Coupon

Coupon Code:COLO-8YI3-MANG
Coupon Code: COLO-8YI3-MANG
  • Find lost product key (CD Key) for Windows and Office
  • Can recover Windows 8/8.1/10 OEM product key
  • FREE technical support and update
Code Sector JetStart Discount Deal Screenshot
3 (2 votes)

  • Help you manage your Windows Start Menu
  • Drag and drop function
  • Add your own designed categories
  • Include a Startup Manager
Actual Multiple Monitors Discount Deal
2.67 (6 votes)

  • Comprehensive utility to help you work with multiple monitors simultaneously
  • Provides new title bar buttons for quick access to advanced functions with one click
  • Enables you to control wallpapers on multiple monitors as you want
  • Allows you to customize hot keys and even add new ones
Dr. Folder Discount Coupon

  • Customize Desktop & Windows Folder Icon and Color
  • Help you find your file more easily
  • You can change the folder icon from system context menu
Perfect Hotkey Discount Coupon

  • Windows Hotkey Management Software for your PC
  • Let you close, minimize, maximize windows with a single key
  • Hide any program, game, video, picture with a single key
Actual Transparent Window Shopping & Trial
3 (3 votes)

  • A tool letting you quickly set and vary transparency level of any given window
  • Provides Ghost mode
  • Sets individual transparency rate for each window
  • Offers option to set transparency only when window becomes inactive
Screensaver Factory Discount Coupon
3.82 (3 Reviews)

Coupon Code:AEF3EF4D40
Coupon Code: AEF3EF4D40
  • Create personal or business screensavers for royalty-free distribution
  • Provide advanced screensaver editor
  • Include screensaver wizard
  • Help you achieve commercial, marketing and personal goals
Actual Window Manager Shopping & Trial
3.5 (2 votes)

  • Forget the windows chaos on your PC desktop and concentrate on work
  • Splits your desktop
  • Sets startup mode and position
  • Supports desktop background and screen saver management
Actual Window Menu Discount Deal
3.67 (3 votes)

  • Gets any application window aligned with any of the 9 positions on the desktop
  • Sets the size of any selected application window
  • Supports hotkeys
Actual Virtual Desktops Discount Deal
3 (2 votes)

  • Creates one virtual desktop solely
  • Keeps Visible Relevant Windows Only
  • Moves Windows between Virtual Desktops
Actual Window Minimizer Shopping & Trial
5 (2 votes)

  • Lets you minimize any window to tray by various means
  • Brings the minimize-to-tray ability online
  • Overrides the default behavior of any window's standard Minimize button
  • Hides windows in the tray automatically
Actual Title Buttons Shopping & Trial
5 (1 votes)

  • Teach your windows new tricks to keep them well-ordered on your desktop
  • Resizes any window to most appropriate size
  • Places any window to most appropriate position
  • Moves any window between monitors in a multi-monitor system
Actual Window Rollup Shopping & Trial
5 (1 votes)

  • Say goodbye to minimized windows and welcome the more practical Roll Up feature
  • Rolls your windows up like blinds/shades/curtains
  • Rolls any window up/down in a single mouse click
Actual Window Guard Shopping & Trial
4 (1 votes)

  • A helpful tool to always keep windows on the desktop in order that you prefer
  • Keeps windows always-on-top
  • Adjusts execution priority of particular applications
  • Blocks close irrelevant pop-ups
Actual File Folders Shopping & Trial

  • Quick and Easy Navigation through Windows File System in Any Program
  • The Favorite Folders extension provides a list of shortcuts to the folders you use most often
  • The Recent Folders extension provides a list of folders you have visited recently
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