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  • Raxco Perfectdisk is must-have software for me. I want to recommend it to everyone I know. It is very handy and effective. It enhanced my hard drive. I have used it for many years. No other software ever comes close.

  • PerfectDisk Pro is a good software that helps keep my HD free of fragments. The price is not expensive. Unlike most of the other competitors, it doesn’t take many computer resources during running.

  • PerfectDisk Home can defrag hard drive at a fast speed. The hard drive can be kept in defragmented status. You can set it to run at any time you want. I’m very happy with this wonderful software.

  • PerfectDisk Pro is a background worker, you only need to do the settings. It works very fast and is very effective. This is the best defrag program I have ever used. It’s worth recommending.

  • Before PerfectDisk, I was always using Diskeeper. Now I started using PerfectDisk. It works much better. It won’t corrupt down as it does the defragment work very well.

  • Raxco Perfectdisk ensures my system run very well. I have also used other similar products, but this one is the best. The support team is very good, the members are considerate and care about everyone. They can give answers to all my questions. It is really worth buying.

  • I have tried many other defragment programs, but I think PerfectDisk is the most valuable one. I can set it to run weekly defragment, and this helps to keep my disk working under the best situation.

  • PerfectDisk Pro can identify solid state drives. You can leave it away after installing it, it will work for you. When cpu is busy, it can automatically stop working. It works in the background. You can also do custom setups manually.

    If you have more than one machine and need a family plan, it is quite suitable for you. It can be used on multiple computers.

  • PerfectDisk Pro does what it says on the box. It optimizes my drives and makes them work flawlessly.

  • One of my friends recommended PerfectDisk Home to me. It works very well, I feel so lucky to have it. With it, I don’t want to use Windows Defrag any more. It arranges my drives well and properly. It makes my computer run faster and easily.

  • I can set PerfectDisk to run defragment at any time with any method I want. After its work, I can see a clear improvement on program loading and space configuration. I have just started using a computer/laptop, but I found PerfectDisk much better than Windows’ own defragment program. I set a schedule to do defragment every week, and its background running really makes my drive under the best status.

  • When I found the free space on my disk was less than 10%, I used PerfectDisk to defrag the disk. It did a very good job. But if you ask me how much it has speed up my 200MHZ old computer, I can’t give you a definite answer.

  • It has been 8 years since I first use PerfectDisk Pro. I have seen many improvements and enhancements in the computer. I believe you will like it as I do. What’s more, the support team is also considerate and helpful. They give me a lot of help in the past few years.

  • I’m a long-time user of PerfectDisk Pro since it was released. I used it for both my home and office computers. I upgrade it to new versions every year. Once they release a new version, they won’t support older versions. PerfectDisk will always be popular I think. It is the best Defrag software with the best price.

  • PerfectDisk Home is a better software than the built-in defrag product in Windows. Though I don’t have many experiences to compare it with other software, it is really handy and plays good work. It can place the disk very well, thus making the hard drive work more efficiently. I know there will be other products, but I don’t know whether they can provide a better result than PerfectDisk Home.

  • I can easily operate PerfectDisk Pro, it is very good. I can set it to work on Sundays. When I don’t use too much disk space, it works, helping me get the space back. Very good!

  • PerfectDisk Pro is very good. It is handy and works as it promises. The interface is user friendly. It provides good technical support.

  • PerfectDisk Home works as great as it said. It does better job than windows with 100% defragment of my drive. What’s more, the support team is very helpful. I can easily get contact with them and they often give me very quick reply.

  • I like using PerfectDisk Pro. It provides good work for my computer. I can arrange it easily and the defrag process is very fast. It has provided me with great help in the past few years.

  • PerfectDisk Pro can help improve your computer performance. I think it is necessary for everyone, no matter a professional or a novice.

  • I used Diskeeper Server before. I hoped to find a good product that not only has wonderful features but also provides reliable work with fair price. Raxco's PerfectDisk is the one! Now I have used it for three years. It never makes me disappointed.

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